Alejandro Marce Herlan


My DJ career began a few years ago at a small milonga in Buenos Aires called “la yuyu”. I like to play energetic music, always trying to feel how it's the mood of the pista. I was dj on different local milongas in Buenos Aires, Athens, Warsaw, Krakow, Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Hong Kong, Busan, Kiev, Tallinn, Minsk, Chisinau, Istanbul, Antalya.


Asya Moiseeva


I started my experience in tango DJ-ing in 2014 in Saint-Petersburg. I am currently living in Paris, I travel a lot and put music on marathons and milongas all over Europe. I really love tango music of ''the golden age'' and a bit of ''guardia vieja '' and I prefer these styles for DJing and dancing, but also I sometimes put later compositions. It's important for me to create an atmosphere of happiness and a great wave of energy so that all the dancers could dance. My favorite orchestras D'Arienzo, Biagi, Troilo, Laurenz, Calo, Pugliese, Di Sarli, Canaro, Fresedo, Donato. I love not only tango, but music in General...I love jazz, play guitar and ukulele, a bit saxophone. I think that my music education and overall love of music helps me in DJing.


Ilias Selalmazidis


As far as I remember myself, I danced from my earlies (traditional and folklore dances), and as my mother used to say “this kid (me) has firstly danced than it walked”. But Tango met me unexpectedly 14 years ago. What I love while dancing the Tango is that I can be myself, ready to exchange thoughts, feelings or even aura. It may sometimes feel like being exposed but only in a totally safe way. The best part of dancing the Tango is the interaction between the couple on the dance floor and the way we communicate during the tanda. This interaction is what I am looking for while DJ-ing behind the decks, but in this case the interaction comes between me and all the dancers. What I am trying and challenging myself is to capture moments, signs, expressions of the dancers, or even if it’s possible, feel the energy on the dance floor so I can harmonize it with the next tanda. Last but not least, I have plenty of tango songs to share that deserve to be heard, and wait to be danced, and I wonder how they could be interpreted through the art of dance. My preferences both as a DJ and as Dancer is on the Golden Age. Favorite orchestras: Biagi, Donato, Troilo, Pugliese, D’Arienzo……! How people describe my music: Seducing, Intense, Rythmic, Flowing, Impossible to sit!


Konrad Krynski


Konrad Krynski spends way too much time researching tango music. On weekends you can find him DJing and wine-tasting at international tango events in many countries. As a DJ he will give you a range of famous classical tango orchestras from mid-20ies till late 70ies, spiced up with rare yet exciting danceable pieces. In short, he’ll rip his heart out and give it to you.




A specialist in General Surgery since 1983 and still practicing in a Teaching and Research Hospital in Antalya/Turkey. I have been involved in Tango (dancing, music, rituals & traditions, history) for 8 years and Dj-ing for 5 years. I speak English, German, Italian, Russian, Turkish. My main hobbies are poetry, photography, viniculture, and I am a chorister in classical Turkish music . As a TDJ, I try to keep a high level of energy and emotion on the dance floor. I play a wide selection of the Golden Era tangos. My favourite orchestras are: D’Arienzo, Donato,Di Sarli, Calo, Biaggi, Troilo. . I always observe the dancers, trying to figure out what they like dancing to most, and I do my best to meet their expectations. I invite you to have great fun, see you all on the dance floor!


Kadir Unay


Kadir has been Djing 7 years. He is fan of Rodolfo Biagi. He listens the floor and he plays accordingly. He likes to play Golden Age but he is not strict on this. He likes to make contrasts in the mood and he selects cortinas distinctively.

Dj performances:

Remolino Tango Dj Festival Lviv Ukraine Chill Out Tango Marathon Antalya Turkey Atlantico Tango Marathon Porto Portugal Milonga Del 4 Saisons Marathon France Kaleidoscope Tango Marathon Russia Sultans Tango Marathon&Festival İstanbul Amarcord Tango Marathon Bologna Italy Tango Lovers Festival Athens Greece Tango Moods Marathon Bodrum Turkey Ankara Tango Meeting Festival Turkey Bigfoot Tango Marathon Istanbul Turkey İzmir Tango Marathon Turkey North Greece Tango Marathon Thessaloniki Greece Tangoist New Year Marathon Istanbul Turkey Kalamata Tango Festival Greece Cairo Tango Festival Egypt Puente Tango Festival Eskisehir Turkey Summer Tango Fest Bodrum Turkey Bien De Marathon Ankara Turkey Marathona TangoPiccante Italy Sunset Tango Marathon Chalkidiki Greece Autumn Tangomania Festival Kharkov Ukraine Milonga Siempre Nicosia Cyprus Milonga San Marco Donetsk Ukraine Milonga Loca Antalya Turkey Milonga Tango Fix Athens Greece (Facundo Pinero & Vanesa Villalba show) Milonga El Cabeceo Athens Greece Milonga Fever Reloaded (Sabrina Ruben Veliz show) Next Performances: Taipei Tango Weekend Taiwan Pirincho Tango Marathon Athens Greece Darsena Milano Tango Marathon Milano Italy Fethiye Summer Tango Camp Fethiye Antalya Turkey Los Elegidos Tango Marathon Belek Antalya Turkey Sun Dance Festival Antalya Turkey Bien De Marathon Ankara Antalya